Friendship Baptist Church
Sunday, December 17, 2017
WINGS: WOMEN IN God's service
The women within this ministry strive to bring glory to God in everything that they do! One way they accomplish this is by reaching out and serving His people with love and selflessness. Our ladies are gearing up for the coming year, and are excited about the awesome things ahead for Friendship Baptist and the women of our community!


Meet the team!

(Right to left; top to bottom): Cathy Jones, Rosie Davila, Gail Chapin, Darci Guess, Karen Gruver, Sharon Stigall, Mary Bowman, Doris Marshall,  Cindy Frayser, Charlene Saunders, Marie Stephenson, Tina Harman, and Mabel McDowell. (Not pictured: Lois Proffitt, Nancy Garrett, & Virginia Kenyon)  
 These are the women of our leadership team, the behind-the-scenes creators of many of our events. While these beautiful ladies are imperative to the ministry, they are not the entire group. Every woman within our church and community makes up the Wings ministry and are key to the success of our mission to spread the Love of Christ to those around us.


If you or anyone you know is in need of a visitation please contact
Nancy Garrett or Gail Chapin.


We ask that in your daily prayers you remember our ministry, that God may use our hands and feet to bless the community around us. And likewise, we would like to pray for you. If you have any prayer requests, or any questions at all, we would love to here from you! 

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